"Edge of the Line" has some familiar faces.

We are very honoured and pleased to make the first of what will be a series of announcements with regards to out new series "Edge of the Line". Today we are proud, grateful, and overjoyed that two seasoned film makers have joined the production team for this new project.

Britany Sparrow

First, we would like to welcome "Britany Sparrow" to our family as she has agreed to be our 1st Assistant Director. Britany brings with her a wealth of experience has a film maker having made several of her own and winning awards doing so. Rob and Britany became friends in 2011 when "Calling" was screened at Silverwave.

Secondly, we are also welcoming Jared Carney to the team. Jared will act as the head of the Art Department for this production, a task that will challenge him, but one that Rob and crew know he will execute flawlessly. Jared has been making some noise as a filmmaker the last few years, even winning some awards along the way. Rob has been a fan since seeing his work at the 2014 Silverwave Film Festival.

Jared Carney

“Edge of the Line” is a new web series being developed at Let Em Laugh Productions. Season one is set to air in late fall 2015 and season one will consist of six episodes. The dark drama written and directed by Rob Parsons is a departure from his usual comedy roots. “I just felt like I wanted to take a swing at something I’ve never done before, I had an idea for the basic story for a few years, but it wasn’t until I started writing the episodes that I decided to not hold back and just let the ideas and words roll onto the pages”

The result was a story that really excited not only Rob, but the people who read and were asked to be a part of it. Britany Sparrow, of Sparrowhock Productions was one of the first people that Rob reached out to, after she read the scripts she was on board. “ I've been a fan of the Let Em Laugh guys since their first film, Calling. I've wanted to work with them ever since we met at Silver Wave but because I live in Fredericton the timing hasn't always worked out. When Rob came to me with this project, the timing was right and I was glad to come aboard” says Sparrow.

Once Britany was aboard he then reached out to Jared Carney, a young film maker that Rob has admired since seeing his work at the 2014 Silverwave film festival. Having never formally met, Rob simply reach out and asked if he would be interested in perhaps joining the creative team. After reading the scripts Jared was on board. “I've always been a big admirer of the Let Em Laugh crew so I was more than happy to finally jump at the opportunity to collaborate with them” says Carney. “You can see such raw talent in Jared that I couldn’t wait to have a project where we could work together, we really are reaching for the next level” remarks Parsons.


With Britany and her skills on set as the 1st assistant director,and Jared as the head of the Art Department the project is already in great hands. “I have been ADing short films for the past 6 years but have never taken on a multi-episode project before. I have strong organizational skills and strive to find a balance between keeping things professional and having a good time”. A balance Parsons strives to maintain on all his sets. Jared is looking forward to being able to explore another aspect of his creative side, “Well quite honestly, I've always had a fascination with the darker, transgressive side of life so I'm hoping to bring a different perspective to things but above all I bring a passion for working with fellows artists towards a fresh creative goal” Carney says. “Yes we can people make all the difference in the world” says Parsons.

Parsons continues, “Negativity and cynicism are cancer on a production set, so I don’t allow them. I work with a lot of the same people because they come with the right attitude, ready to work, have a laugh and are all business when action is yelled . Over the years I’ve heard Britany has the same approach on set, but more than that when she talks about filmmaking she does so with such a passion that it’s hard not to feed off her energy, she’s a good friend, and a real asset to our production”

Says Sparrow “We make movies because it's fun, and I try not to lose sight of that on set”.

The goal with “Edge of the Line” says Parsons “ Is that we really we want to bring a story that will shock the audience, and leave every person at the end of every episode wanting more”. Sparrow continues “Rob has made a name for himself doing raunchy comedy with lots of heart. This project is completely different from anything else he's done and goes to some pretty dark places. I really hope the audience connects with the characters and enjoys their stories”. Carney hopes see the viewers in awe of the finished product, “Audience reactions are always hard to predict but I'm hoping the viewers of this series will firstly, be surprised at what we are able to achieve, and secondly I really want our audience to feel immersed in this dark world that we're about to create.”

Edge of the Line begins production soon. Keep checking back for more updates, production diaries and photos from set.

More information:

Britany Sparrow

On Set

Britany Sparrow is originally from Vernon, British Columbia, and has been making films in New Brunswick since 2006. After graduating from UNB with a BA in English (Creative Writing) and a certificate in Film and Video Production, Britany joined the New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-operative, and she directed her first short film (The Perfect Cliché) in 2007. Since then she has directed 6 films including The Morning After (Short Film Venture), True Hollywood Romance, Gamers: A Love Story (on CBC Download), Chopsticks (NB Joy), and Here Without You. She is currently in pre-production on her 7th film, a collaboration with writer/director Gordon Mihan titled Co-Ed.

In 2011, Britany was awarded the Recognition Award for a person, group, or organization who has contributed to film and video in the province of New Brunswick in a volunteer capacity at the Silver Wave Film Festival. Accepting the Award / Backstage Interview

She is the Vice President of the NBFC, a WIFT-AT member and former board member, and was formerly the editor for WIFT-AT’s newsletter Tidings.

Britany currently lives in New Maryland, NB with her soundman and their three cats.

Jared Carney


Jared Carney is a writer, director, and producer from Fredericton, New Brunswick and is a graduate of Film Production from the University of New Brunswick. He recently completed principal photography on a short Stephen King adaptation titled The Man Who Loved Flowers, set to be released this fall. He was a Features Writer for Horror-Movies.ca and the horror genre in particular has always piqued his interest with many of his influences stemming from both classic and new-age horror cinema.

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