Simply Zen with Elaine Shannon


Simply Zen with Elaine Shannon is a television show produced by Let Em Laugh Productions and Shannon Multimedia. Elaine and Rob recently delivered their final episode for Season Three of the show and are currently in pre-production for season four. 


Elaine started Simply Zen, which airs on Bell Community One, back in 2012 and has had one goal with her show, to bring wellness from our region to the masses. With over 50 episodes, each running roughly 30 minutes, Elaine strives to bring the viewers the complete package when it comes to wellness tackling topics such as "Women's Health", "Men's Grooming", "Healthy School Lunches" and even facing personal fears such as Rock Climbing or taking a dunk in the Bay of Fundy in January. 


During season two Rob took over production of the show and it remains one of his favourite video projects. He and Elaine share a passion for content creation, making people smile, and living life as true to ourselves as possible. Elaine is the producer of the show as well as the host and Rob acts as the director, and for more many shoots a one man crew. Lights, Camera, Sound, from the start of the location shoot Robs job is to get everything setup while Elaine preps the guests. Once location shooting is complete it's time to take the footage and audio to the Let Em Laugh editing suite where it's time to colour grade, audio master and edit raw materials into the show the you get to watch every two weeks. 


Robs approach to editing this show is to feed off Elaine's excitement and take note of her reaction to a guests answer or energy. By doing this the edit becomes easy, as you find "gold" from both Elaine and the Guest and build the show around them.


Shannon Multimedia is arranging to bring this show to a wider audience in the coming months, however you can watch the episodes right now simply by clicking the Simply Zen logo below. Simply Zen is created in partnership with Bell Community One.