"Edge of the Line"


"Edge of the Line" is a departure for the Let Em Laugh team. Known for comedies and making people smile they wanted to see if they could do something different. Rob sat down this summer and began writing to test his abilities as a writer and see if he could in fact write something that wasn't just jokes. The result was the first season of a very dark, violent and ambitious project, called "Edge of the Line". This will be a free release on Youtube in the late fall and production is set to begin in August. Keep checking back here for more details and behind the scenes look at what it takes to go from pen to final product.


We have a great time working behind the scenes, as well as a very talented cast. We want to give the crew some exposure for the hard work they do, so we will begin our social media promotion by releasing posters of each crew member and their involvement, then we will announce cast members one a time with poster releases. This is going to be a great ride, a new journey, and now we get to work wth some of our favorite people in the film community. Buckle up, you have no idea what we have in store. 


Our first poster release is for none other than Guillaume Dauphinais. Guillaume, or G-Man as we call him has been working with Rob for over 14 years, first as colleagues at a local call center, then later as filmmakers. G was one of the first people to say to Rob "We can do that" when he learned Rob wrote and wanted to make a movie. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is G mans Police Report. 


Update: Here is the second Crew Poster for our 2nd AD and Co-Poster designer John Landry.


Update: Here is a poster taken from a still.