We are storytellers. 



Eight years ago it all started with an idea. Rob sat down with the urge to write a story. A few weeks later he had finished his first script "Calling". With a "yes we can" attitude, production began on a completely independent feature film. It was during this production that Rob realized this is who he is, this is what he was meant to be doing


​The dream was to create. To entertain. To own the audience. To be a storyteller.


Now in 2015, having completed three feature films,  Numerous music videos, parodies skits and over 30 television shows, LELP is completely self sufficient owning a complete production and post production studio, and we are just getting started. 


When it comes to entertainment our goals are simple. To showcase the talent in front of and behind the camera, to push ourselves creatively and to always entertain you, the audience.